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Lisa Sanderson

Managing director, human potential coach, level 4 course manager


Current roles and qualifications:

Certified Human Potential Coach (trained with the Human Potential Institute)

Qualified teacher (PGCE)

Course manager of the SEG level 4 diploma in arboriculture (previously TechCert, previously ABC Awards).

Company Director of The Training Tree

Holistic Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist

Permaculture certificate

HND Arboriculture and Urban Forestry (Dist)

Industry Experience (past roles)

20+ years’ direct experience in the arboricultural and horticultural industry (UK, Australia & NZ) in:

contracting (UK),

consultancy (UK & NZ,

tree officer (NZ), 

woodland officer & arboricultural officer council (UK),

woodland management (UK & NZ)

Arboricultural Consultant

(UK - Ian Keen Limited - now Keen Consultants

NZ - self employed and sub-contracted consultant)

ex-Horticultural Manager of a large-scale, artistic and treed landscape, including large scale ecological revegetation + reforestation planting schemes (NA)) (www.gibbsfarm.org.nz/)

Teaching and Coaching Experience

Transformational Life Coach (International)

Lectured and assessed at The Training Tree (2015-present)

Lectured at Merrist Wood College (UK 2009-2014)

Teaching / apprenticeship experience (UK & NZ various)

Volunteer Experience and Memberships

Past Trustee of the UK Arboricultural Association (AA)

Past AA south east branch committee member (UK)

Past VP of the NZ Arboricultural Association (NZ)

Past alternate VP of the ISA (USA)

Member of the RFS, Woodland Trust, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, Plantlife & Sussex and Surrey Coppice Group (UK)

Past volunteer fire fighter and medical co-responder (NZ)



In her spare time she strokes bees, talks to chickens, wrestles worms learns about sacred geometry, the quantum realm and tree leans. 


Other contributors include

Chris Stringer (SE England - assessor)
Mike Arundel (Sweden - assessor)
Jack Kenyon (SE England - guest lecturer)
+ other guests through the ages.  
More profile information coming soon.