Just some of the lecturers that will join you for your level 4 diploma in Cobham, Surrey.  Fancy seeing them somewhere else?  Contact us with your location ideas.


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        Lisa Sanderson

  • Course manager and tutor for ABC level 4 diploma in arboriculture.

  • 20 years’ experience in industry (UK, Australia & NZ);

contracting, consultancy, tree / woodland / arboricultural officer council roles, woodland management, landscaping, Horticultural Manager of a large-scale artistic and treed landscape / ecological re-vegetation planting schemes (www.gibbsfarm.org.nz/).

Jack Kenyon

  • 40+ years industry experience.

  • Lectured at Merrist Wood College (1976-2013).

  • Now teaches internationally for the Arboricultural Association, Land Skills Training (Dorking) and other training providers in the UK and Hong Kong.

  • Arboricultural Association (AA) Annual Award recipient for contributions to the arboriculture industry (2013).

  • Developed the prussic loop climbing method and the Prussik Lift, or Kenyon Ascender.   

  • Working involvement with the AA Education & Training Committee, Arboriculture Safety Council (ASC), FASTCo working group, AFAG working group, British Standards Committees for rope access & PPE and part of the UK Delegation on the European (CEN) Standards Working Groups for Rope Access. 

  • Chaired a working group for ISA UKI Chapter and set up the Certified Arborist Programme in the UK.

  • Bachelor of Education Honours Degree & Post Grad Diploma in Post Compulsory Education & Training.

  • Motorcyclist, cyclist and mentalist.

  • Legend.


Julie Jacob

  • A talented and qualified lecturer and practitioner, specialising in plant science, soil science, plant husbandry, and amenity & commercial horticulture.

  • Approximately 30 years experience teaching (but young at heart).

  • Currently teaches arborists and horticulturalists:-

    • Horticulture lecturer for RHS Wisley.

    • Horticulture lecturer for the Royal Botanical Gardens Kew.

    • Horticulture and arboriculture lecturer for Merrist Wood College.

  • She holds an Honours Degree in Agricultural Botany.

  • Julie runs a successful garden consultancy business.

  • A lively and knowledgeable lecturer who delivers on the Woody Vegetation Formation and Physiology unit, taking no prisoners.  Hold on to your hats!


Andy Poynter


Chris Stringer

  • Is an arboricultural consultant at Shawyers (Eastleigh), specialising in tree risk AND he is a....

  • Practicing tree officer for a number of local authorities.

  • Started his career in forestry and habitat restoration.

  • Is an experienced climber and operations manager he has proven practical skills.

  • An exemplar student, Chris completed the ABC level 4 diploma in arboriculture DipArb.

  • Currently undertaking the MSc Arboriculture & Urban Forestry.

  • Chris will be teaching tree inspections & common law.

  • Generally, Chris can be found paying incredible attention to detail, to constantly improving and to trying to fit a pizza into every day possible.

Special Guests

Some of the guests joining us this year are John Harraway (AA award winning arborist and Director of Harraway Trees) and his partner Airi (together working as international decay detection specialists), Sunara Roy-Highley (an esteemed, international landscape designer), Paul Melarange (Director of Thinktrees in Reading, an arboricultural consultancy specialising in veteran tree management), senior Painshill horticultural staff from the award winning venue (Painshill 18th century landscape garden), Tim Martin and Laura Collins (specialists in no dig tree root protection systems from Greenfix) and other guests from relevant industries including the horticultural sector. 

John Harraway of  Harraway Trees  performing a Picus 3 test on a field maple ( Acer campestre ).

John Harraway of Harraway Trees performing a Picus 3 test on a field maple (Acer campestre).


Field Trips

Historical field trips have included veteran tree tours of Windsor Great Park with Ted Green and Richmond Park with Neville Fay, along with visits to meet Janet and Brian (budding and grafting experts), who run an ornamental tree nursery (Redleaf Nursery in Farnham) and more recently a fantastic visit with the extremely knowledgeable Martin Hillier of Hillier Nurseries (Broadmead Trees), an exemplar tree nursery.